Homemade Sea Salt Spray for Loose Sexy Waves

Homemade sea salt spray for hair

Summer is the season of happiness, warm nights, sexy beach body and loose wavy hair.

When you are on vacation, have you noticed that your hair looks dreamy after swimming in the ocean? Do you know how to keep this sexy beach look for your tresses longer? The answer is the perfect homemade beach sea salt spray which is a great alternative to the ocean or the sea. It is so awesome and once you try it, you will never stop using it, I promise!

This recipe is a must try for you if you are a curly lady! If you have loose curls but hate using styling products because they make your locks greasy, this sea salt spray is perfect for you, too.

Homemade sea salt spray for hair - The recipe:

- 1 tablespoon sea salt
- 1 cup /8oz/ of warm water
- 1 tablespoon conditioning serum, conditioner, hair gel, moisturizing natural oil or a few drops of essential oil. / Here you have the option to adjust the recipe according to your specific hair type, condition and needs. /
Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle. And this is it!

Sea salt hair spray - How to use it?

Shake the bottle until is mixed well, spray a generous amount of your homemade sea salt spray on dry hair, scrunch well and let it air dry. If your tresses need more body, you can spray into your roots. Leave it to dry naturally or blow-dry with a diffuser. Your hair will look amazingly full of volume and body, which will last until you wash it. Now everyday could be a sexy beach hair day for you.

The sea salt hair spray is awesome if you try to skip a shampoo day and to refresh your hair roots. Just mix salt and water, and spray into the roots. The salt absorbs the excess oils and adds body and texture. If you like, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, but do not add conditioner for this specific purpose.

If you are lucky enough to live near a sea or an ocean, just fill a spray bottle with seawater and add your preferable extra ingredients - hair conditioner, hair gel, etc.

For long tresses, twist some sections and once they dry, run fingers through them for loose, creative waves. For short hair mess it up for a sexy and wild finish.

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