Hair Repair - Natural Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

Natural Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

We are lucky enough to live in times of abundance of all kinds, including hair products, designed to repair damaged, dehydrated locks.

It is easy to buy the needed hair care product, but in most cases you cannot be certain if the product contains only the listed ingredients, or if the chemicals listed are of no danger to your health and beauty.

Healthier and more natural alternative are the homemade hair repairing treatments. We just need to enter our own kitchen and to prepare fresh and easy to use home remedy for our damaged hair. The advantage of the homemade treatments over the conventional ones is that they heal and regulate the natural balance of the body / hair and resolve the problems for good, instead of just mask the damage temporary.

Recipes for home remedies - damaged hair:

Natural oils
Mix equal quantities of olive, almond and sesame oils. They are carrier oils and can be used pure or with added essential oils. Add essential oils of rose, rosemary, lemon, lavender, and sandal. Add 5 drops of essential oil to 10 ml base oil. For example, if you mix 10 ml olive oil with 10 ml almond oil and 10 ml sesame oil, you should add three drops of each essential oil. So, we add 15 drops of essential oils to 30 ml carrier oils.

Store the mixture in a dark glass or plastic bottle and use it to massage the scalp and the locks at least once weekly on dry hair. Put on a plastic cap and leave it for 45-60 minutes. Than take a shower with the plastic cap on. The heat from the hot water will help the oils to penetrate deeper. Wash the hair last.

Elder flowers and comfrey root
Make an infusion of elder flowers and comfrey root. Add two tablespoons of the herbs to 500 ml boiling water and leave the mixture for half an hour to cool down. Then add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Use this infusion for the final rinse after shampooing and conditioning.

Banana or avocado
A homemade remedy for very damaged hair is a mashed banana with 5 ml almond oil. Spread to the length of the strands, leave it for 20-30 minutes and then wash as usual. If you don't have a banana, replace it with an avocado.

Mayonnaise and avocado
Another deeply conditioning and repairing homemade hair remedy is made of mayonnaise and avocado. It is very similar to the recipe above. If you don't have avocados or bananas, use just mayonnaise. It contains oil and eggs, the basic ingredients for hair nourishment.

Shea butter and orange juice
A good nourishing home remedy for damaged hair is warm shea butter with added fresh orange juice. To see results make it weekly.

To see results, be consistent with your homemade hair care regimen; include in your daily diet fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, whole grains, flax seed, good proteins; exercise, walk, dance and do not forget to laugh.

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