The Importance of Using Summer Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products for Summer

Sun, sea salt, chlorine from swimming pools, hot air damage and dehydrate the strands, making them dull, prone to breakage and split ends.

This is why in summer your hair needs extra care and protection. There are many hair products designed to use before or after sun exposure or swimming.

When buying sun protective hair products keep in mind that they should provide moisture and nourishment more than the regular hair care products – they should retain hairs vitality, strength and shine.

The sun protective products contain metal oxides to protect hair from overheating, and moisturizing ingredients – coconut and shea butter, soy protein, natural oils, aloe vera, etc. In summer avoid styling and perfumed hair sprays, as they can cause thermal destruction of the hair shaft.

Hair products with sunscreen make an invisible protective shield around the hair shaft. It prevents hair from drying-up and salt or chlorine build-ups.

Follow these basic summer hair care tips to keep your locks smooth and healthy:

After swimming in a pool or in the sea, wash your hair with after sun clarifying shampoo to remove salt and chlorine residue. Usually, those shampoos are designed for frequent use and will not dehydrate your strands if you wash them daily.
Phyto Plage hair and body wash by Phyto is designed to gently eliminate salt, chlorine and sun protection products residues from skin and hair. The active ingredients bamboo marrow extract, coconut oil and wood cellulose extract help hair to regain its normal moisture level, supply vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients to heal sun damaged hair, to add fullness and shine.

In summer always use repairing hair conditioner after the shampoo. The after sun hair conditioners provide optimal hydration levels to the hair and contain protective UV filters.

Kerastase Soleil LAIT RICHESSE Lightweight restoring daily conditioner for sun-exposed hair is formulated with Provitamin B5, Ceramide, Glycerin, Cationic and Silicone Derivative to fortify hair shaft and to increase water retention. The result – soft, reinforced, hydrated and detangled strands.

When outdoor, don’t forget to apply sunscreen hair spray, veil or serum:

Use leave-in hair products with sunscreens to protect the scalp and the locks from the prolonged sun exposure and the swimming.

Usually, those types of specific hair treatments prevent dryness and split ends; nourish the strands and add shine.
Phyto Plage "l'originale" protective beach spray by Phyto assures maximum sun, chlorine and salt water protection. Creates irresistible beach look, while nourishes and hydrates due to its active ingredients calendula extract and castor oil. Also contains rosemary leaf water, olive oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E, rosemary leaf extract, willow leaf extract. Perfect for swimmers.

After sun repairing hair formula:
Apply after sun intensive hair treatments at least once weekly. Use hair masks rich in proteins, keratin, antioxidants, glycerin, emollients, vitamins to supply the scalp and the strands with the elements they have lost due to chlorine, sea water, wind, sun rays, etc. The treatment will fortify your hair and will improve its texture. To improve blood circulation, massage the scalp with fingertips while applying the product.
Kerastase Soleil MASQUE UV DE'FENSE ACTIVE Replenishing After-Sun Treatment for Sun-Exposed Hair strengthens and renovates, making the strands softer and more luminous.

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