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Pomade is a texturizing hair styling product.

Defines locks, adds shine and gives texture to any haircut.

Hair pomade is suitable for texturizing short hair or if you want to define and separate locks and to add silky look. It never dries completely, thus making the locks flexible and shiny.

If you are looking for a clean-cut look with an attractive brilliance, hair pomade is your majestic hair styling product.

For shiny, smooth hair, work a small quantity of pomade through your locks and blow-dry. Do not use generous amount, as it will make hair oily after blow drying.

For charming flipped hairstyle, apply pomade while hair is still wet. Use a round brush to flip the ends when blow drying. Work some pomade to the ends daily to prevent splitting.

To eliminate frizzy hair, choose pomade with a low hold level. After shampooing, put some product in your palm, dilute it lightly with water and gently spread the product through the hair using your fingertips. Leave it to dry and then comb or leave it natural if the locks look ok.

Pomade works better for thick or coarse hair. It is great for taming curly hair.

Pomade requires several shampoo washings to be removed completely, unless it is water-based. It usually contains petroleum jelly, mineral oil, wax. Some hair pomades contain natural oils and essential nutrients to preserve moisture and prevent hair damage. It is easy to apply and do not evoke chemical changes in hairs structure.

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