Oily hair shampoo - How to treat oily hair?

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What is oily hair shampoo and which are the best oily hair shampoos on the market?

The hair becomes oily too often because of the active fatty glands. Greasy hair is characterized by excessive shine, glued separate locks, which look unattractive. Sometimes the dandruff a relevant problem. To not aggravate the situation, it is desirable to monitor your diet and to reduce the use of sugar, coffee, alcohol, fatty foods, smoked meat and fish. Таке B and C vitamins, and vitamin complexes containing iron.

As a result of the frequent washing, the fatty glands begin to work more actively. To resolve this problem you may try to wash the hair every other day instead of the daily washing. Choose a suitable haircut.

The short hair is more easy to maintain with the frequent washing. If you do not like short hair, you can select a hairstyle with long hair, which curls are with volume, located far from the scalp. Use special products desgined for oily hair. The masks and compresses could improve the look of the oily hair.

Here are some tips on how to treat the problem oily hair:
• Use a soft, mild shampoo for oily hair, shampoo for dry scalp or baby shampoo.
• Wash your hair every day, but the amount of shampoo concentrate over the hair length, not on the scalp and gently rinse.
• Always rinse your hair perfectly with a cool or warm water, because the residues of shampoo make the hair more oily.
• Use scalp treatments with hot oil, but only on the scalp, not on the etire hair, massage gently, then wash perfectly. The jojoba oil is suitable for oily hair type, becouse it regulates the sebum's secretion.
• If your hair is oily use hair conditioner only to end of hair.

• Оily hair is normally shiny, so you should avoid products for brilliance.
• Do not comb your hair permanently, but only when it is necessary.
• Do not massage hard your hair, because the glands begin to produce more sebum.

Shampoos containing tea tree oil work well for softening the scalp and are ideal to treat the oily hair.
The balanced diet and drinking lots of water are among the factors that will improve the condition of the body and from there, the hair.
There are many products designed specifically for oily hair.

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