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Does the oily hair need conditioner?

The oily hair is a result of over active fatty glands at the scalp. This condition leads to unpleasant stuck to the scalp hair and lack of volume. Often appears dandruff. It sounds very simple, but only those who are faced with this problem know how uncomfortable is to wash your hair permanently and it is still not clean enough.

Oily hair is often a problem during the puberty because of the hormonal imbalance and this passes with the time.

Other reasons for oily hair could be:
• Stress
• Inappropriate shampoo

• Gastrointestinal; • Metabolism disorders; • Lack of vitamins A, D, E and F; • vapors.

Golden rules for dealing with oily hair:

The selection of appropriate hair care products. The shampoo for oily hair is particularly important to deal with the problem. Alway use only high quality shampoos. You do not need to wash your hair two consecutive times with shampoo. Remember, that the hair needs its natural oils and the more intensively you clean them, the more intensively the hairs sebaceous glands work.

If only the roots of your hair are greasy and the ends are dry, use nourishing mask for the lower half of the hair.
Do not rinse your hair with too hot water, rinse it with lukewarm water, this will close the pores. Forget about the hair-dryer, hot air stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands. And last but not least, include in your diet regime many fruits and vegetables and forget about fried and heavy foods, Limit intake of salt, fat and carbohydrate meals, and irritating spices.

If you have oily hair it is very important to properly choose your conditioner and use it only at the ends of the hair.

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