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Kerastase is a deluxe brand developing progressive hair care products.

Since 1964, localized in France, the brand grows up in Europe, and later expands worldwide. Kerastase products are distributed exclusively to approved styling salons and are among the professional master products on the market.

Kerastase hair care revives and improves the tresses's genuine gorgeousness. Its products are superior, contemporary and luxury. The usage of Kerastase creations gives feelings of serenity, tranquility and grants the dreamed locks.

Kerastase hair products lines:

Kerastase biotic line maintains the scalp vital as well as reactivates it to retain eye-filling and lively tresses. This products line contains Bioflorine. It acts to recharges, balances and invigorates the scalp. Kerastase Biotic range makes the locks silky and healthier looking, preventing the occurrence of scalp injuries. Calms inflamed and itchy scalps, cools down dry scalp and locks, revitalizes and moisturizes.

Kerastase Dermo-calm has been invented for sensitive, stressed scalps. These products moisturize, calm and refine from the exterior aggressions. They unchain the scalp and locks from the stress.

Kerastase Noctogenist is an absolute overnight hair care and treatment, a basis of the beauty at nighttime. The eight hours of radical hair care opens the beauty of the hair.

The external aggressors harm the locks's liveliness and can enforce hair to lose moisture that is required. Kerastase Noctogenist nurtures hair profoundly during the night and in the morning the locks are restored and in best state. All night long nourishes locks , moisturizes as well as replenishes at night, makes the hair resplendent and supplied.

Kerastase Soleil is formulated for exposed to sun rays, chlorinated water and salt tresses. Maintains as well as improves. A full protection and repairment summer programme. The genuine improved compositions and recharging textures guarantee soft tresses, long-lasting color, radiant, flexible and glossy.

Kerastase Specifique line is designed to resolve several scalps concerns. An exceptional bunch of targeted solutions to heal the scalp. With ingredients that are technologically improved, the scalp and the locks are genuinely attractive and clean. The scalp may be a subject to persistent or passing collapses. Kerastase Specific deals with these imbalances. The fruit is a healthy locks and scalp and the delight of perfect hair caring.
Kerastase Specifique resolves for scalp and hair problems are:
Over-active, predisposed to oiliness scalp;
Prone to dandruff, oily scalp;
Predisposed to dandruff, dry scalp;
Hair loss prevention; Stressed or sensitive scalps.

Kerastase Resistance line, designed for weakened, damaged, fine tresses. A fabulous intact collection that fortifies from within. Hair regains lifeblood, strength and texture. Resistance rebuilds the weakened locks, to improve the vitality and solidity. Core energy, found on the outward - gives back locks's health.
The Resistance line:
Core Resistance - For chemically or naturally weakened hair;
Volumactive - For fine, fly-away hair;
Age Recharge - Replenishes hairs vigor.

Kerastase Nutritive line is designed for normal to extremely dehydrated, sensitized hair. These products present a solid collection for nurturing various levels of inflamed and dry hair. The fully nourished tresses is satin-smooth, soft and silky.
The Nutritive sub lines are:
Core Nutritive - The ultimate nourishment for dry and sensitized hair and scalp;
Oleo-Relax - Polishing anti-frizz for stubborn, dry hair;
Oleo-Curl - Hydra-definition for dry, curly locks.

Kerastase Reflection for color-treated, sensitized hair. A perfect collection that preserves the color radiant for longer along with maintains the inflamed tresses. With the Patented Fibronic Technology it makes locks vibrant, glossy and satiny.
Reflection 1
For slightly sensitized, fine, colored locks
Reflection 2
For sensitized, to very sensitized, thick, colored hair

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