Hair wax products - What is hair wax and how to use it?

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The hair wax along with the rest of the texturizing products is formulated to expand movement and flexibility, to create visual separation in the locks, to define curls and to add volume and shine.

The hold factor of the hair wax is light to medium. This type of hair styling product is good for adding texture and silky glow. Hair waxes vary from a little bit thicker than a pomade to the recently created spray waxes. They give glittering shine, fight the existing frizz successfully, keep locks in place and create texture.

Hair wax works wonderful with short hair.

Just use a small amount of the product and style as desired.

This hair stylers can be used either before or after drying the locks. To avoid oiliness add a little amount at a time and use the right product for your hair type and needs.

Some of the best Hair Wax Products on the market:

Redken Water 03 Wax Shine Defining Pomade
A water based, very lightweight formula. It is not sticky and posses a very light aroma. Adds shine and flexibility, maintains tresses hydrated throughout the day. Great for separation and helps eliminate the flyaways.

It really gives volume to the fine hair. Water Wax does not weigh the locks down. It works well for very thick and coarse hair as well as for ultra fine, straight hair.
It can be used for defining and piecing out textured haircuts as well as to taming flyaways after the flat iron.

Aveda Light Elements Detailing Mist Wax
A fast-absorbing mist-wax that easy creates separations and weightless style. Gives the locks texture, offers a good hold and the hair looks great the next day too. It is grease free and light weight formula.

Aveda Light Elements Detailing Mist Wax gives body and texture to the thin, straight tresses and tames flyaways. Sprayed on the hair after drying gives it a smooth, velvety finish and texture.
This hair styling product gives definition to fine hair without making it stick and holds the curls without crunchiness. Holds light and relaxed.

Paul Mitchell Spray Wax
A fine, innovative beeswax provides the locks with flexible hold, texture, and satin finish.
Works well to protect the tresses from the heat of the iron. Just be careful and avoid to spray too much. It does not make the hair look oily and does not get sticky.
It makes locks very soft and smooth.
This spray wax has a wonderful fragrance and offers the needed in order to achieve the desired style.
Gives the fine hair volume and does not cause a build up.

Paul Mitchell Wax Works
Softening and thick formula that creates texture and gives definition enhances shine and is perfectly suitable for hard-to-control locks.
Can be used to define textured piecy look. It gives the desirable hold without turning flaky or crunchy. Does not make locks greasy. If needed, refresh with damp hands.

Bumble and Bumble Sumo Wax
A conventional hard wax suitable for modern haircuts. Gives flexible but strong hold, shine and texture.
The flyaways are kept stuck down and the hair does not look oily or weighed down. It makes locks polished and silky smooth. It eliminates frizz and defines the curls.
This hair wax product is great for short thick hair for making separation and texture to your hairstyle.

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