How to Choose the Best Hair Shampoo for You

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The shampoo is one of those indispensable hair care products you can’t not to buy. It is the basic and the most frequently used hair product, so, the correct choice of hair shampoo determines its effectiveness and its impact on the condition of the scalp and the hair strands.

If the shampoo fulfills its function - cleaning without damaging, the rest of the hair care products will work better.

Here comes the question:

“Which is the best hair shampoo?”

But no one can answer it. There are too many quality hair products on the market to choose from.

The better questions are: “How to choose the best shampoo for my hair type?”, “What type of hair cleansing product to choose and how to use it?”, “What to consider while selecting the best shampoo?”

First, remember that the shampoo should be suitable for your hair type. For this purpose, you must determine what type of hair is yours – dry hair lacks moisture and shine; damaged locks look fried and fragile and often are combined with oily scalp; oily hair looks limp and weighs down soon after washing it; colored hair needs color protection and usually is dry with greasy roots; curly hair is often dry; thin hair needs volume.

Dry, damaged, curly or fine locks need mild cleansers that won’t damage the hair shaft. Always read the ingredients. Note the main surfactant and avoid products containing sodium or ammonium laureth or lauryl sulfates. These ingredients are irritating and can cause hair damage and scalp itch. Prefer mild shampoos, containing gentler surfactants.

Note that the gentle surfactants do not produce a lot of foam, but this doesn’t mean that the shampoo doesn’t work. It’s not the foam that cleans. Hair shampoos making a lot of foam have a high level of acidity and dry out and damage the strands.

For your own sake use sulfate free shampoos that are also free of parabens, synthetic dyes, fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, DEA, MEA, TEA. If you are not sure and some ingredient bothers you, check the product’s safety at Skin Deep.

The color, the density and the smell of the product are not the criteria you should comply with. Unfortunately, a lot of people do the opposite and buy some hair shampoo because it smells nice or is attractively colored. These properties of the product have been achieved by the addition of certain chemical substances and are intended only to improve the commercial appearance of the product.

Whether a shampoo is suitable or not for your mane, you will find out after a couple of weeks of use. Unless the product is of extremely poor quality or very hars, the first couple of washes always give good results.

While it is important to choose the most suitable shampoo for your hair, other thing you should know is how to wash your hair correctly without damaging it.

Before washing, gently comb the strands to remove styling products residues and dirt.
Let the running water pour over your hair and scalp for about 60 seconds.
Do not apply the product to the head directly from the bottle. Pour the required amount of hair shampoo in your palm and gently spread it to the scalp with fingertips, continue with light massaging movements to stimulate the scalp’s blood circulation without damaging the locks.
Rinse thoroughly, otherwise the strands will lose their shine and volume, and the scalp may get irritated. At the end, rinse with lukewarm water to invigorate the scalp and to add luster to the locks.

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