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The active ingredients in hair conditioners retain moisture in hair longer, preventing it from drying and breaking. Hair conditioners create a protective shield around each hair strand.

The conditioner protects hair from environmental damage, restores hair structure, and makes it shiny end flexible. Nourishes the scalp and improves its blood circulation, which strengthens the exhausted roots.

With regular use, the hair becomes shiny and menageable, looks healthy, shiny, revitalized and with a natural volume.

The correct choice of hair conditioner is crucial for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair.

How to choose the right conditioner for your hair? Conditioners are divided into several categories, depending on hair type: for normal, dry, oily, damaged, curly, chemically treated, colored hair.

Curly hair conditioner
If you have curly hair should use hair conditioner every time after washing with hair shampoo. Look for ultra-moisturizing conditioners designed specifically for curly hair. Once monthly apply a hair mask using hot essential oils. In case that your hair is dry use an intensive hair moisturizer every two weeks. Do not wash your curly hair every day because this should dehydrates the hair and it will become even more curly and difficult to maintain. Instead of washing the curly hair with shampoo every time, you can just rinse it with water, then apply hair conditioner. Furthermore, do not use a hair dryer because it dries your hair excessively and can damage it. Better leave your hair to dry naturally.

Dry and damaged hair
Moisturizing is the key to beautiful hair. If you have extreemly dry hair use super moisturizing conditioners for hair.

Straight or oily hair conditioner
Not every oily and straight hair needs to be treated with a hair conditioner. In case your hair is easy to comb after washing, you might miss the hair conditioner. It is important not to apply the substance on the scalp. Apply it into your hair starting from the middle downwards to the tip.

Wash the hair immediately after applying the balm. If you have excessively oily hair, search hair conditioners containing essential oils of tea tree, because it has a strong absorbing effect and eliminates the excess oil from your hair. Better use spray-conditioners. This type of hair conditioners do not give excessive weight to the hair.

Colored and treated hair conditioner
Colored hair needs special care to keep the natural elasticity and strength. Conditioners for colored and treated hair are designed to restore color and preserve the structure of the colored hair. They contain extracts that protect and restore the balance and maintain the brilliant hair color. Use hair conditioners containing micro elements. Avoid conditioners that contain silicone because they wash off the color of the colored hair. Do not wash your hair every day and between washing use a dry shampoo or talcum powder.

There are several types of hair conditioners. The most common is suitable to be used every time after washing the hair.

Leave-in hair conditioners
They protect the hair from the adverse effects of the sun, chlorinated water, but also help preserve the intensity of the hair color.

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