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The beauty market is full of hair products that guarantee faster growth and fuller hair. But, is there any magic shampoo that can make your hair grow faster for real?

Is it possible a shampoo to make your tresses grow faster?

In fact, there are really good products that enhance hair’s natural growing power. To succeed, however, you cannot rely just on the magic shampoo; the care must be all around and should cover all the aspects of your lifestyle.

Normally, hair grows half an inch per month, but this is too general. In fact, the growing speed depends on your health, diet and genes. Obviously, you cannot make any modifications to the genetic code; so, to speed up hair growth rate, you could better your health status, starting with some changes in the diet, workout routine, and habits.

Scalp’s health is essential for hair growth. Healthy body is able to supply the scalp with all the essential nutrients it needs.

Healthy diet

Some nutrients are critical for healthy scalp, thus for faster hair growth. The last is only possible when the scalp receives all the required nutrients that are vital for healthy hair.

Include in your diet a wide variety of foods. Do not exclude any food group. Reduce the consumption of processed foods and increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The lack of protein could impact negatively on the rate of hair growth; so, eat rich in protein foods - meat, seeds, poultry, eggs, dairy products, spirulina. The amino acids, found in proteins, are responsible for the renewal of the cell, which is the key to healthy and shiny hair.

Biotin /Vitamin B7/ is responsible for cell growth; therefore it is linked to faster hair growth, too. Rich in biotin foods are cheese, milk, liver, soybeans, nuts, peanut butter, poultry, meat, fish, cauliflower, green peas, lentils, mushrooms, eggs, whole grain foods.

The minerals that help faster hair growth are sulphur - cruciferous vegetables, poultry, onions, garlic; zinc - oysters, liver, wheat germ, cocoa, peanuts, crab; chromium - corn, sweet potato, apples, tomatoes; iodine - dried seaweed, iodized salt, potatoes, shrimp; selenium - brazil nuts, shellfish, mushrooms, grains; calcium - dark leafy greens, okra, cheese, milk, yogurt; copper - sesame seeds, nuts, calamari, lobster, sunflower seeds; magnesium - spinach, pumpkin seeds, beans and lentils, avocados, bananas, figs; potassium - dried apricots, zucchini, salmon; iron - red meat, egg yolks, dried prunes and raisins, mollusks, artichokes.

Blood circulation is important for how fast hair grows, too. Regular exercises, massages and some herbs, like rosemary, can increase it. On the other hand, get rid of bad habits, like smoking, that lowers the blood circulation. This is important not only for the hair’s health.

A tiny list of shampoos for faster hair growth:

Rene Furterer Forticea Shampooing Stimulant contains reinforcing rich botanical peptides and biospheres of essential oils that increase scalp’s microcirculation. Forticea helps in faster and thicker hair growth, leaving the locks shiny and manageable.

Hair plus shampoo stimulates hair growth. The special formula makes hair healthier, thicker, and full of volume. The products must be used together with the matching conditioner.

Murad Professional Scalp Treatment Shampoo is a mixture of natural ingredients that removes dry dead skin and the build-up of DHT. Protects and maintains healthy hair and scalp. This product increases the circulation in the scalp, which stimulates hair follicles and promotes faster new hair growth.

Frederic Fekkai MORE Scalp Purifying Shampoo cleanses and balances the hair and the scalp. Promotes healthy follicle function, removes DHT build-up and improves hair density, offers healthy hair growth.

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