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Dry hair doesn't need just an appropriate shampoo, but the entire arsenal of hair care products for dry hair. It is without shine, frizzy, with split ends. Unfortunately, not only that, but often on the the scalp appears dry dandruff.

Very often the so-called normal hair becomes dry with the age. The frequent washing, the use of a hair dryer, the temperature fluctuations, the general state of health, all these are factor that couse the normal hair to become dry.

Dry hair should be washed carefully with a mild shampoo suitable for dry hair.

The dry hair shampoo usually contains various additives -

jojoba oil, avocado, egg lecithin, lanolin, silk protein, etc. that make the dry hair moisturized, elastic and protect it from harmful environmental impact.

One of the main problems of the dry hair, is its reaction to the temperature changes with the loss of moisture. the recovery is possible with the use of special treatments for dry hair. As a result of their regular use, the hair gets flexible, moisturized and easily to form. For the dry hair the UV radiation is very harmful. On dry hair very well affect the medical ampoules, containing nourishing substances that recover deeply the dry hair.

The dry hair often has split ends, so it is good to use special products for split ends and is essencial to cut hairs tip every two months. Very important is when you use a hair dryer to start with warm air, continue with hot and end with cold.

For the dry hair type it is necessary to use products containing vitamin E, antioxidants, amino acids reimbursed, filter against UV rays, elements that increase the adhesion between the tiles of the hair and increase its resistance to external aggression and elements that maintain the elasticity of the hair.

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