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Silk Therapy maintains dry hair glossy, smooth, and soft.

Biosilk Silk Therapy is a superb light-weight hair elixir that adds shine and removes the frizz. Detangles and leaves locks shiny and splendid. It also melts split ends. If you have extensions this hair product will give you great results. Apply a small amount on wet hair, blot and either blow or air dry. Your locks will look astonishing.

Silk Therapy makes the combing out so easy. Fabulous hair product, very light-weight, eliminates frizz, as well as makes your tresses silky and satin-smooth.
It could be applied on wet or dry hair.

You can use Biosilk Silk Therapy on dry hair after you blow dry it straight.

This will leave it velvety and satiny. If used on dry locks the amount should be much less else they will get oily. Apply it before blow dry as a base of your usual styling. Spread a dime sized amount of the product towards the tips of the locks and work your way up to the roots after shampooing when hair is damp.

This will leave your tresses shiny, smooth, velvety, and manageable. Biosilk Silk Therapy is perfect for normal to dry hair with dry ends and for color processed hair too.

Whether you are setting your locks with hot rollers or you want blow out, this styling product moisturizes, protects and silkens. The hair achieves glowing shine, bounce and there is no sight of fly aways. Applying the proper amount, Biosilk Silk Therapy never will leave your tresses looking greasy. Otherwise, the excess amount will result in a dull and oily appearance. It makes hair unbelievably soft.

If you have curly locks, this is the must have product for you. Use it on damp curls after shampooing and conditioning, whether blowing hair straight or leaving it curly. Silk Therapy allows you to wear your locks naturally curly. Wash and condition, comb while the conditioner is sill on. Do not comb after rinsing. Towel dry and spread enough amount of the product to cover your hair. Do not afraid, your curls will not look oily. Your tresses will absorb it; usually the curly hair is dry. This technique will result in gorgeous smooth curls. If you are always in a hurry and have natural curls, then I recommend you this product.

The bottle says that the product can be applied on the skin as a body moisturizer. It makes the skin look silky and hydrates.

The smell is heavenly, unbelievable pure and charming!

This is one of those wonder products that everybody chats about, and this one absolutely works.

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