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All Alterna hair care products are sulfate free

Alterna® Professional Hair care was found in 1997. Since then develops finest hair care products. They gear the energy of enzymes along with the top nutrient plentiful extracts.

Alterna is a market innovator. Its products revive and rejuvenate and as a result the locks are moisturized, revitalized and satin-smooth.

Alterna hair care is designed for different types of hair: straight, curly, fine, dry, thick, blonde.

All formulas center on the hair's individual requires and are safe and sulfate free.

Alterna Hemp with Organics is a blend of moisture and protein with an expand of vigorous Certified Organic Botanicals to favor the empowering of the locks structure, to guard from harm, to protect the color.

The Hemp Seed Oil includes essential fatty acids which is lipid-rich and reinforce hair's vital moisture power, aids in regaining structural coherence and protects against harms. This line delivers a complete harmony of hair care ingredients, prevents the damages and makes locks flexible and healthy.

Alterna Hemp with Organics consists of few lines - repair; shine; straight.

Alterna Hemp shampoos are sulfate free hair products.

Alterna Life Solutions is an innovative product line particularly created for hair that has peculiar needs.
Eastern extracts like lotus blossom, white water lily, ho-sho-wu, Enzymetherapy - The Science of Skincare for Hair™ and authentic technologies rebuild the locks from the core of the shaft, maintaining their cuticle tight closed to preserve the valuable moisture and the color, making hair full-bodied and recovered.

Alterna Life lines are: volume restore; curls ; specialty.

Alterna Life shampoos are sulfate free hair products.

Alternas Caviar is a progressive anti-aging hair technology that harmonizes moisture levels, granting juvenile glow, smoothness, decreases the visible indications of aging. Saturates the locks with Caviar Extract. It contains essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins A, E, D, B.

This hair line passes over the simple care by forcing the hair to retain and harmonize the hydration level, revitalizes the locks to bring back their satiny gorgeousness.

Alterna Caviar line consists of shampoo, conditioners, treatments as well as styling products. All Alterna Caviar shampoos are sulfate free.

Alterna TEN™ is an absolute mixture of ten key components from around the planet to modulate any tresses from regular to exceptional. Harmonizes along with nurtures all hair types for excellent effects.

TEN is mixed with African Cacao Extract, Caviar Age-Control Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Photozyme Complex with Color Hold, Champagne Grape Seed Oil, White Truffle Oil, Bulgarian Evening Primrose, Arabian Frankincense, Arnica Flower, Moroccan Quillaia Bark. It delivers incredible result.
Sulfate free hair products.

The top in luxury is Alterna Luxury line. These products include White Truffle Extract, which is one of the thesaurus riche of B vitamins. They are existential to the maintaining of lively, eye-filling tresses. They improve the locks strength, lessen split ends and guard from breakage without enforcing buildup.

Nutrient invigorating enzymes as well as the earth's most high-priced hair care ingredients collected from the faraway reaches of the planet infuses the scalp and locks for increased conditioning moisture, flexibility and fabulous shine. Includes a full spectrum UV cover to protect against harm from sun rays.

Unfortunately, this series was limited - Private Reserve - and is no longer marketed.

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