Indigo for hair - Natural hair coloring with indigo

Natural hair coloring with indigo

Indigo (Indigofera Tinctoria)

Indigo is often used as a textile paint. Applied to the hair, indigo dyes the locks in blue. However, mixed with Henna and Cassia Obovata, indigo adds brown to black shade - according to the proportions and the initial hair color.

Indigo as a hair dye is safe for pregnant and nursing women

Indigo contains no chemicals - it is a natural plant extract and can be used as often as you want. Indigo covers grey hair.

When used as a hair dye Indigo adds luster and fullness to the mane

Mixed with henna, indigo colors in brown (depending on the initial color and the proportions: more indigo = more dark hair).
Applied on hair after henna, indigo colors in glossy black.

After mixed, indigo should be used immediately.

Indigo for hair - Recipes:

For brown hair - henna + indigo in one step:
Prepare henna as usual and leave for 2-24 hours. When ready, mix in separate bowl indigo and warm water, without leaving it for more than 15-20 minutes. Add the indigo mixture to the henna and mix well, it is possible to add a little water to achieve the consistency of yogurt. Apply on dry or damp hair, completely covering the locks from roots to tips. Put a plastic cap and wrap in a towel. Leave the mixture to act for 2-6 hours (the longer stays, the darker is the result). Wash only with conditioner.
Tip: For a pleasant aroma, add a few drops of essential oil in the Henna / Indigo mixture.

For black or very dark brown hair - two steps:
First apply Henna, prepared in the usual manner - for deep red color. Leave the henna for a few hours, wash and slightly dry the strands. Mix indigo with warm water, and optionally add 1 teaspoon salt per 100 g indigo powder - for even darker color. Apply the mixture on dry or wet, fresh henna dyed hair, cover it evenly over the entire length. The easiest way is to start at the back of the head, gradually dividing hair into sections. Spread it thoroughly through the hair and leave for 1-2 hours; wash with water.

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