Dye Your Hair at Home - Tips & Advices on Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring at Home

Hair dying is not a simple procedure and hides risks if not performed correctly. If you are not sure you can manage or have any other concerns about doing it yourself, better go to the salon and leave the professionals to do their job.

However, if you have decided to dye your hair yourself, it would be good to follow these at home hair coloring tips to get the results you have expected.

For those of you willing to try:

Wash you hair two or three days before the coloring and pamper your locks with a deep nourishing treatment. Never dye freshly washed hair! The natural oils protect the scalp and the strands from damaging.

Between the last hair washing and the hair coloring do not use any leave-in or styling products, they coat the hair shaft and do not permit the dye to cover well.

When choosing the dye, better invest in a good quality hair coloring products, otherwise you risk to seriously damage your hair and to obtain different result than the expected. Once chosen, carefully follow the instructions in the package.

Rub some natural oil or vaseline around the hairline and on the ears to prevent hair dye stains on the skin. Use the enclosed gloves to protect your hands, too.

Divide the hair into sections and begin by applying the mixture at the edge of the hairline, then continue with the roots section by section, and once the roots are covered, spread the rest of the dye to the entire length of the hair. Be sure not to miss a strand.

Leave it to act. The duration depends on the hair dye and the effect you want to achieve – it should be specified in the instruction enclosed. If this is not your first application, cover the roots, leave the dye to act for some time /see the instructions/, than apply to the strands, and leave it again. But be careful not to leave it for too long, this may results in disaster.

Before rinsing, pour some water on the hair and gently massage for 1-2 minutes. This will allow to spread the hair color better and to rinse it easier.

Do not use shampoo, just rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all the residues of the dye and apply neutralizing conditioner. Usually, the neutralizing conditioner is enclosed in the hair color box, but if it’s not, buy some. It is important, because stops the reaction /the coloring/ and nourishes the locks.

You should dye your hair every four to six weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows, to cover the roots and to refresh the color.

Some additional tips:

If you previously have dyed your mane with henna, you should wait the henna to fade, because it is possible to obtain unpleasant reactions and color changes.
To keep hair color longer use sulfate free shampoo with color defense formula.
To refresh the color between dying: the blondes - rinse with an infusion of chamomile; the brunettes - use walnut leaves infusion.

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