Colored Hair Treatment - How to Maintain Colored Locks

Caring for colored hair

There is a whole range of hair cosmetics dedicated to protect and enhance the beauty of the colored locks. Shampoos, conditioners and treatments designed to keep the color from fading as long as this is possible and to repair eventual damages caused by aggressive chemicals during the coloring process.

Does dying damage the hair?

You have to be aware that frequent hair coloring strips the natural oils of the tresses and they lose its natural brilliance.

Actually, it is not the dye what damages the strands; the problem comes from the added high acid or alkali chemicals that disturb hair’s natural pH balance. No matter the tone, hair dyes contain harmful chemicals that change hair’s condition – brittle locks, split ends, dull looking strands, oily roots.

Exceptions to this are the natural or temporary dyes, which do not contain ammonia or other developer.

For healthy and beautiful colored hair is essential how you treat it and what hair products you use.

Colored hair needs extra special care.

If it is possible, apply dye only to the roots to prevent further damage to the already colored strands. But if the color fades and needs refreshment, do not make it more often than once every six to eight weeks.

Better try to keep the color longer.

How to do it?

To avoid color fading, use quality hair dyes – they are more expensive but contain safer ingredients and the coloring pigments are more potent; find sulfate free shampoo for colored hair – the sulfates strip the color; protect your locks from the sun, the heat, and the chlorine.

If your natural hair color is more than two tones lighter or darker than the colored hair, you have to be aware that after about three weeks you will have noticeable contrasting roots.

If you are not happy with the results after hair coloring, you should consult your hairdresser. Coloring back to your natural tone is a solution but does not work in every situation.

If you have bleached your mane and it looks yellow, you can use a temporary hair dye to hide the disaster - silver or ash.

To remove a permanent hair dye, you should use a specific product to eliminate or reduce the color. This procedure could be very damaging for the strands and is advisable to go to a hair salon.

The semi-permanent hair dye washes out with frequent shampoos.

The temporary hair colors are not a problem they are just temporary.

Before hair dying, pamper your mane with a nourishing hair mask. This will help the pigments to penetrate easier into the hair’s shaft and to seal in the color. The pre-treatment adds some other benefits – decreases the risk of hair damage; increases color stability and helps last longer; makes tresses nourished and hydrated, thus beautiful.

After the coloring apply a special conditioner to stop the oxidative process.

To minimize the damage, treat you locks with a restorative hair treatment after every procedure.

Do not make dramatic color changes; better make it gradually.

Choose quality hair dyes, enriched with herbal extracts.

Always use the right products for your hair type.

Use a neutral hair shampoo.

Switch to hair products specially designed for colored hair. They contain active ingredients responsible for hairs’ health and shine. Their aim is to nourish, hydrate and prevent dry, frizzy hair caused by the coloring. Contain mild surfactants to minimize the potential damage. Protect the color from fading, keeping it bright and refresh it every time you use them.

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