How to Choose the Right Hair Color to Dye Your Locks

Choose the Right Hair Color

The hair color that best suits us is our natural hair color. Nature is wise enough to create every shape and color balanced and harmonious. However, this doesn’t mean that the only hair color that suits us is our natural hair color.

If you have already made a decision for a change, there are some basic rules you have to follow while choosing what color to dye your hair to avoid color disasters.

What is essential, is to match the hair dye color with the skin tone.

Generally, for those of you with cool complexion are suitable cool hair colors like ash, platinum, sand, brown, jet black. Ladies with warm complexion, your colors are gold, caramel, copper, honey, red, mahogany.

You cannot make a mistake, though, if you pick just a shade darker or lighter color of your natural tone. This option is good when you want to refresh your locks or to cover grey hair without any dramatic changes. And will be guaranteed, your hair color will continue to complement your overall appearance.

Blonde is probably the most desirable hair color, but it could result difficult to choose the right tone.
If your natural color is chestnut, you will look great with blonde locks both in warm or cool shades.
For light to medium brown hair, try blonde highlights, but avoid very light shades.
Natural redheads - the blonde locks will contrast to your complexion too much, so you better do not dye your mane blonde; try light auburn instead.

Blondes look pretty with smooth light makeup and brown mascara.

If the natural color of your tresses is blonde, do not choose too dark hair shades.
For light or medium ash brown hair, try a golden brown shade – it will harmonize with your skin tone.
If your locks are dark, add some vitality with light chestnut highlights.

Dark hair allows a variety of makeup choices.

Red hair color is a bold choice and looks better on ladies with warm complexion.
For blondes with warm skin tone, try light auburn.
If you are a brunette, you can choose more potent colors as bright or deep red.
If your natural hair color is black or very dark brown, mahogany or very deep red will suit you perfectly.

Redheads look great with warm brown cheeks and lips, and soft gold or green eye shades.

If your hair is grey, avoid red dyes. Like the blonde, the grey hair could turn orange if colored with red hair dye. For grey hair, it is better to choose lighter colors, otherwise the newly grown grey roots will contrast to the dark colored strands and you will have to dye your hair more frequently. The best choice are the silver shades, they will interflow with your natural grey locks. If more that 60% of the locks are gray, use permanent dye.

Some recommendations for hair coloring:

For best results, do not choose colors more than three or four shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Coloring is not recommended for damaged hair.
Make a test on a single strand before deciding which is the best hair shade. The color that appears on the box is merely indicative.

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