Cassia for hair: How to use it - conditioning and hair coloring

Cassia for hair - conditioner and hair dye

Cassia (Cassia Obovata)

Cassia Obovata gives light golden hues to blond hair, and in combination with Henna adds warm strawberry-blond shades. Cassia Obovata is an exclusive natural hair conditioner. Nourishes, like Henna, and leaves the locks full bodied, lustrous and vibrant. It is extremely useful for people who do not want change in color, it can add light golden hues only to the brightest hair.

Recipes with Cassia Obovata for hair

Nourishing hair mask with cassia

Usage: like Henna. The most popular is 'mud bath' - mix Cassia Obovata with hot water or tea to achieve the consistency of thick pap, leave it for several hours. Separating individual strands, apply the mixture generously and evenly to your hair. Put on a plastic cap, and wrap with warm towel.
Leave the mask to act for 1 hour. Rinse and follow with your favorite hair conditioner.

It is possible to mix cassia with other ingredients such as hair conditioner, honey, Henna (for warmer color).

Tip 1: If your hair is blond and you are looking only for the nourishing properties of Cassia, leave the mixture to act no more than 30 minutes.
Tip 2: Cassia Obovata, mixed with hair conditioner is washed away much easier.
Tip 3: Apply to clean hair, dry or damp. Your hair will feel thicker, voluminous and silky soft. Repeat after a month for shiny, healthy hair.

Golden blond – for natural and soft golden shades /for blond or white hair/, refreshing blond hair:

1. Mix Cassia Obovata with orange juice or chamomile tea to achieve the consistency of yogurt.
2. Cover the mixture and leave it for 12 hours.
3. Apply to the entire length of dry or wet clean hair.
4. Cover hair with plastic cap and wrap with warm towel, wait about 3 hours.
5. Wash with hair conditioner.
6. Do this recipe once a month for healthy, silky hair with gorgeous golden shades.

Strawberry blond - for blond or white hair:

1. Mix 4 parts of Cassia Obovata with 1 part of Henna. For deeper red tones increase the proportion of Henna. Add lemon juice or chamomile tea to achieve the consistency of yogurt.
2. Cover the mixture and leave it for 12 hours.
3. Apply on wet or dry hair to the entire length.
4. Cover with plastic cap and warm towel, wait 2-3 hours.
5. Wash your hair with conditioner.
6. Repeat after a month for beautiful strawberry blond hair shade.

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