What Causes and How to Prevent Split Ends?

What causes and how to prevent split ends?

The ends are the thinnest and the most vulnerable part of the strands. When for any reason, our hair becomes dry or damaged, they start breaking, can’t reflect the light properly and look dull and lifeless.

Is it possible to repair split ends?

Unfortunately, the answer of this question is negative. The only way to get rid of split ends is to trim them.

The sebaceous glands of the scalp produce natural oil, called sebum, which function is to soften and nourish the scalp and the strands, and to prevent splitting.

The less sebum reaches the ends, the more likely is they to become dry and to start breaking. Logically, more prone to getting split ends are dry, damaged or long locks. Apart from the genetic, there are external factors that increase the risk of drying up the hair and to appear split ends – coloring, heated tools, styling tools, poor quality hair care products, poor nutrition, stress, etc.

Is it possible to prevent split ends?

Yes, it is definitely possible to prevent hair from splitting, especially since this cannot be repaired.

If your tresses are dry, fine, curly, long or chemically treated, you should t0ake additional care for them to avoid breakage.

Split ends preventing program:

Washing: The hair shampoo should be nourishing and fortifying to strengthen the hair shaft. Do not apply shampoo directly to the tips. After a gentle hair scalp massage with the cleanser, spread the rest of the product to the length of the strands. This will be enough to clean them. Do not wash your hair too often, especially if it is dry. Even the mildest shampoo strips the natural hair oils.

Conditioning: Use hair conditioner after each washing. If your hair is oily, apply it only to the tips.

Masks: Apply moisturizing hair treatment weekly. Homemade hair treatments are good to prevent split ends, but if you prefer, stick to your favorite product or brand. It’s important to maintain the strands well hydrated to avoid breakage.

Combing: Use only wide-tooth combs, made of wood or other natural material. Comb dry hair gently and avoid combing wet hair.

Massage: The frequent scalp massage is vital for hairs health and of course prevents split ends.

Nutrition: If you do not move enough, do not sleep enough, eat too much refined sugar and fat, these will affect your hair in a bad way. It will lose its shine, will become dry and brittle. So if you want healthy hair, first take care of your health. The healthy shiny hair, without split ends, starts from within.
Your diet should include fish, wheat germ, yeast, soybeans, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts. Drink a lot of water; take all natural multivitamin and antioxidant formulas.

Styling, coloring: Hair becomes dry and starts breaking if you dye it or use other chemical treatments too often. If this is your case, use a special shampoo and treatment for damaged hair, and limit the use of hairdryer and other heated tools. Regularly cut your hair ends. Ask your hairdresser about “hot scissors”. This is a hair cutting system that seals the ends and prevents hair splitting.

Homemade treatment to prevent split ends: Apply almond or olive oil to the tips or to the entire length of the strands, as desired. Then wrap the head with a hot towel /soaked in hot water and squeezed/. An hour later wash it with a pH balanced sulfate free shampoo, apply hair conditioner and rinse the hair with infusion of black tea, chamomile or lime. Repeat this treatment weekly.

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