Caring for Dry Hair – Causes and Solutions

How to take care for dry hair?

What is dry hair?

Hair becomes dry when moisture and natural oils content of the strands decreases. The lack of these essential components is what makes hair dry. It looks lifeless, dull, and frizzy; its texture is rigid and stiff; lacks flexibility, shine, and softness.

It is easy to damage dry hair; also it is more prone to breakage and split ends than any other hair type. Dry locks should be treated very carefully.

Causes and solutions for dry hair

Chemical procedures

If your hair is over-dried by chemical treating – perming, straightening, coloring the solution is either to stop doing or to modify the procedure.

Try to use less aggressive hair dyes, or better natural – as an added benefit they maintain the strands healthy, glossy and vibrant; better avoid perming and straightening or at least reduce them; consult with your hairdresser about a haircut that does not require chemical treatments.

Heated hair styling tools

The heat opens the cells of the hair shaft and depletes moisture from the inside. This is why the regular use of heated hair styling tools – hair dryers, hair irons, hot curlers, etc., makes the strands dry and damages them. The solution is to limit their use to give your hair a rest from heat styling; and when used apply heat protective hair products to minimize the damage.

Hair products and frequent washing

Daily hair shampooing, especially with hot water, strips moisture away. No matter what they say, remember that shampoos remove the natural protective oils from the strands and do not give them a chance to do what they are meant to do – to nourish and protect. These oils are our natural hair repairing treatment.

For dry hair, wash with neutral pH shampoo no more often than twice weekly and avoid aggressive hair cleansers. Use some gentle hair shampoo like Ojon Ultra Hydrating Shampoo and follow with a hair conditioner, which is a must if your tresses are dry and brittle. Ojon Ultra Hydrating Conditioner is worth trying.


Sun exposure and dry hot weather damage the locks like a hair dryer does; wind, cold weather, heat from air conditioners, swimming in chlorine water – all these environmental factors could be very damaging for the locks, too.

The solution here is simple – protection. Wear a hat or a scarf to protect your tresses from the sun or the chill; when swimming, use a swimming cap; make sure humidity level inside your home or office is normal.

Diet and health

Often, dry hair could be a symptom of poor nutrition – lack of some essential elements or dehydration. Make sure to deliver to your body all the essential nutrients regularly. Think about what other damages you may cause to your body, if you do not feed it adequately. Drink a lot of water; eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, proteins, fats, carbohydrates. If it is necessary, consult with your physician about taking supplements: vitamins, minerals, omegas, etc.

Dry hair could be a symptom of some medical condition, too. Visit your physician, especially if after eliminating all the external factors your mane is still dry and brittle.

Additional tips to protect dry hair

Gently comb your locks from roots to tips. Combing stimulates the sebaceous glands and distributes precious sebum to the strands.

Use warm olive or almond oil to massage the scalp, and spread it to the length of the strands, leave it for about an hour. If it is possible, make this treatment every time before shampooing.

Add to your hair care routine some special hair treatment like John Masters Organics Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer.

Avoid heat-styling when possible or better stop it completely till you hair recovers.

Rinse with cold water, this closes hair cuticle and makes it shiny.

Regularly feed your mane with homemade hair masks to moisturize and nourish.

Exercises stimulate blood flow and the endocrine system. This works like in intensive inside conditioner for the body, in particular – the hair. Try to workout at least three times a week.

Make sure to sleep enough – at least 7.30 – 8 hours.

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