Tips on Growing and Maintaining Healthy Long Hair

Hair care for long hair

Let your hair grow long and enjoy the elegant look of the beautiful, smooth long mane.

Growing long tresses is a time consuming mission, but it’s worth embracing some minor discomfort to maintain them shiny and silky. Take your time to take care of your mane. This is what will make it beautiful and healthy, not some miracle. It is a matter of discipline and routine, even if it looks difficult in the beginning.

Basic tips on how to care for long hair:

The choice of hair shampoo is very important. It’s meant to remove dirt and dead cells from hair and scalp, but better without stripping the natural hair oils and the color. The shampoo makes hair ready to absorb nutrient from the hair conditioner.
Carefully choose the most suitable cleanser for your hair type and condition.
If you have oily roots and dry strands, it is better to use a divalent shampoo for oily scalp and dry ends.
Apply shampoo only to the scalp and then spread the foam to the entire length of your hair. This way the strands will result clean but not dehydrated, and is a good split ends prevention.
Rinse with lukewarm water; hot water strips the moisture from the strands. Be sure to remove all residues of hair products, as they will make your hair dull looking. Finish with cold water rinse just to boost the scalp’s blood circulation.
It’s best to wash your hair once or twice weekly.

It is very important to condition after every hair wash. The conditioner restores the balance, moisturizes and nourishes.
Probably, if you are a proud owner of a beautiful long mane, you have to deal with dry split ends. As prevention, at least once weekly apply intensive hair repairing treatment. It makes hair shiny, soft, and smooth.

If it is possible, leave your hair to dry naturally. Gently remove the excess water with a towel, without rubbing a lot, because it is easy to damage hair when is wet.
For those of you, who cannot survive without the hair dryer, point the hot air flow in direction from the roots to the ends and hold the hair dryer at a distance of at least 10-12 inches.

How you brush your locks is critical for their health. Start with the ends and go up gradually to undo the annoying tangles. It is very important to comb thoroughly your mane before bedtime to avoid as far as possible the next day knots. Use wooden combs or brushes with natural bristles to prevent static electricity in your hair, which damages the strands structure. Always comb your hair before washing.

Eat healthy and balanced food. It is impossible to grow beautiful long hair without the proper nutrition.

Better avoid layered hairstyles and bangs. The best option is to cut your hair all the same length.

Do not use rubber bands as they could damage the strands.

Spend a lot of time outdoors but be careful with the UV rays, the wind, the chlorine, and the salt water. Before swimming or sunbathing, apply intensive masks, they will act as an invisible protection and will prevent hair dehydration.

Avoid chemical treatments. The chemicals damage the hair’s shaft, so if you are really devoted to the growth of gorgeous long locks, try to avoid them and go as natural as possible.

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